Over 30 years of experience developing, owning and operating conventional and affordable apartment communities.

Castle Development Partners is a real estate investment firm focused on the development and acquisition of multifamily assets in the Eastern United States.  We build and acquire Class A, B and Tax Credit communities of 120 units or more, with a deal sizes ranging from $25M to $75M in total development and acquisition costs.  Our business model emphasizes ground up development and value-add acquisitions in high-barrier to entry markets with solid economic fundamentals.  We select financing structures that best fit each individual deal including conventional bank loans, government insured mortgage backed securities, tax credit equity and other alternative capital structures. Our business model has been honed in recent years by a number of successful development communities, but is ultimately rooted in experiences and lessons learned in multifamily investment spanning several decades across multiple economic cycles.  We are disciplined in how we execute our model, preferring to continually examine a large volume of potential deals until we find a fit, rather than compromising our model to fit a deal.